I need to remember to title these things...

There's so much running around in my brain right now, it's hard to focus on just one thing.

So, we start with the whole purpose of this blog.  I did dream last night.  I dreamed a lot.  But with all the other stuff, it's hard to remember an exact sequence.  I know it involved jewelry and a certain celebrity.

Which isn't too surprising.  Yesterday Brian went on a jewelry making frenzy.  He made me a new ID bracelet, which means I can stop wearing that necklace, yay!  And he made Charla's order.  Hopefully tonight I can take pictures of the new stuff and finally get it put on the website.

Speaking of websites, I'm working on redesigning mine.  I might even get it done today.  Since I'm working as a graphic designer full time, I really don't promote my freelance design any more.  (Which is kind of a relief, actually.)  So I'm switching it into a more personal site.  I'll also be switching over my blog from here on LiveJournal over to blogger with my own address:  Don't look at it until tomorrow though, I'm still designing it.  And I'll need to figure out how to do a redirect, if I can.  But I looked at it from all angles, I don't think I have many readers, so it's more beneficial for me to switch to something that has the features where I can promote it.  Not that there's really a lot on here to promote, but it would be nice to have everything in one place.  I looked at my new site thinking, when I give out my website address to people at networking events, such as Startup Weekend, what do I want them to see?  I decided I wanted them to know more about me than Baugh Enterprises, I wanted more contact information and more links to social sites.  And well, my blog.

Now I'm rambling.  And really I haven't even got started, so I should stop early.  Told you I had a lot in my head today.

(no subject)

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  It was a good self confidence day.  I tried out a new combination from my closet that I think looked pretty good and slimming.  I had an excellent hair day.  And I paired it all with a pair of Jellies!  I haven't worn jellies since I was six!

I started the Weird Newz back up again yesterday.  Hopefully now that JR is settled in NC, he can get all the other programs back up and running too.  I sent JD a new song for Jazz 101 (which never really left) that I'm really excited about.  It makes me look forward to Sunday night.

So Garougal sent me a couple stories, I added one of my own, and recorded it using Cyber Power Audio Editor that I got from Giveaway of the Day.  It took me a little bit to get the hang of the new software.  I found one button I've decided never to touch again, because it took over an hour to apply the effect.  Then I came up with the idea to put some pictures to it and upload it to You Tube.  With Windows Movie Maker, that was a lot harder than I thought.  I'd move a picture to correspond with the audio, and then the audio would move so they'd no longer sync.

Then it took about 10 minutes to save the file, a while (lost track of time at this point) to upload it to You Tube, then longer for You Tube to make it live.  Then I watched it to find that nothing was in sync.  So I took a look at the video again, and it looks like the stuff I changed later affected the earlier stuff.  So then I decided to try another movie maker that I thought I had got a free trial of, but instead said "review copy" all over my video.

So I decided to start over.  I knew what pictures I wanted and what order I wanted them in.  I listened to the audio and jotted down the times I wanted each picture.  Then I just stuck them in at the times I wrote down, even if they appeared not to sync up at first.  Luckily when I hit play, it worked!  Then I went through the whole upload and save process again.

It'll turn out better next time.  I stuttered a lot during this one.  I need to get back in the habit of recording again so I get some practice.  I wish there was some kind of course I could take that would help me with the whole radio voice thing.  Maybe I'll check out some podcast tips.  But I really got to get the prep time down if I want to keep putting them on You Tube, otherwise it'll take too long and I won't keep up with it.

I messed with that thing until nearly 1 am last night.  So it's not surprising that my dreams were full of uploading and linking to videos on YouTube.  7 am came way too early this morning.  I best be off, so I can hit Starbucks.

Oh, and if you want to see the final product, go to and click on Weird Newz after 11 am EDT.  It airs on FFR at 11.

Dreaming of the Weekend's Events

I finally remembered my dream, and it is no surprise that it involves a dance performance.

There was 3 schools competing in a dance contest.  And there were 3 songs we each had to dance to.  We had to plan out the choreography and the costumes.  Our last song sounded Hawaiian, so we decided to wear grass skirts and seashell necklaces.

We did our first song, then had a break.  We went over to a grocery store to look for something to eat.  They had these big tubes of ice cream that were like bulk candy dispensers.  There were also ingredients and little wooden spoons  to sample the ice cream.  There was no corn in any of them!  I sampled a few and decided on one, but the store was taking down the ice cream for the day, so I didn't get to get any.

Then we went back and did our second song, which went really well.  When we were getting ready to do the third song, I thought it might be a good idea to give beads and shells to the audience at the end of the song.  The rest of our group agreed.  I was scooping the beads and shells out of this tub, but I kept getting scoops of mostly seed beads, which I knew wouldn't work.  I was also having a hard time getting it to scoop, because I was using a kitchen glass, and there was a broken glass in the tub that I had to work around or get cut.  I finally get a good enough scoop and run out to the stage.

As I was running out, I heard the announcer stalling to try to give me time to get up there.  But she couldn't stall long enough, and they had started dancing before I got up there.  I ran behind the stage and joined my group, to find that the song had changed!  One of the girls was wearing a different necklace, and everyone was just kind of trying to dance along to the music that they hadn't practiced to.  I got up front and tried to lead us through based on what the other groups were doing.  And we didn't use the beads.  We were so disappointed and mad that we didn't practice the right song.

Then we all got on stage and bowed, and the teacher from each school was there to congratulate their team as they walked off the stage.  I was the last one off the stage, and my teacher was Madeline.  She gave me 3 hugs and said I did a great job and that I'd do really well in the future.  But then she started critiquing the last dance, and kept ignoring me when I told her that of course I didn't do it right, it wasn't practiced.

Then this black guy came up to me and tried to get me to go play harmonica with his band at a local club.  I told him I'd check into it, but I was pretty tired and worm out.  He said that was just an excuse, and it kind of was, because I didn't know this guy and didn't want to go.

Then we all started getting cleaned up.  For some reason, I used a sink in the girls locker room that one of the other schools had been assigned to.  But everyone in there was really nice and they didn't mind.  There was a door at the back of the locker room that led into the boy's locker room.  One of the girls was going to open it, but I advised her not to, because she was likely to open it to a boy going poop.

Then we drove off to go somewhere again.  When we were leaving, it looked like a couple cars had their window smashed in.  When we got back, those cars had been moved or fixed, but there was a huge row of cars that had their side window smashed in.  We parked over along the side of the building so we couldn't be seen from the road so hopefully we wouldn't get our window broken.

We went inside, and told Ray, my stepdad, about the cars.  He said he'd take care of them.  But instead he was punishing the dog for something.  He wanted me to hand him this plastic coated metal yardstick so he could beat the dog with it.  Instead I got Chelsea to hand it to him.  In return, I gave her some jewelry that could be very valuable.
Don't Panic

Back "Home"

It's not surprising that I didn't remember my dreams last night, since I wasn't sleeping in my own bed.  Sometimes I do, and I am at my Mom's house so it's a familiar place, but there is just too much in my head first thing in the morning to remember a dream as well.

We went to Penn's dance classic last night to see Elizabeth perform.  She did so well, I'm so proud of her!  She did best on the tap dancing stuff.  I do wish I could be around more for her.  I think I'd be able to help her in ways that her parent's can't.  She's celebrating that she's passing all her classes, even with D's.  Her parents punish her for it, but do nothing to help.  I remember trying to study in this household, and it was near impossible.  I wish I could take her out of it for a couple nights a week, and teach her some good study habits.  But that's kind of heard to do from 200 miles away.  I also wonder if she has problems with hyperactivity and if that's affecting her grades as well, but I know her parents would never check that out.  But I don't know what I can do without going against their wishes.  She's got talent, and plenty of energy, and she could go far if the way were clear.  I'm doing what I can to help her out.

At any rate, on to cleaning out Grandma's house today.  I'm not looking forward to it, but it's just the right thing to do to help out.

Little Me Swing

Dating Dreams

I used to have a boyfriend that I wasn't supposed to be dating.  We were eventually found out, and we broke up.  I haven't seen or heard from him in years.  That's got to be what last night's dream was based on, though.
I was over at a friend's house (perhaps Jessica's), and there I met a guy that I liked and who liked me.  I don't know if we were actually dating, or just thinking about it, but for some reason I knew Ray would disapprove of me dating him.  He had a booth at farmer's market and sold tomatoes and concert tickets, and he also did a weekly radio show live from farmer's market. 

I was at Jessica's listening to the radio, when he came on to his show from farmer's market and professed his love for me, and interviewed my mom!  I was appalled. 

Then the next weekend, I was at my mom's house.  We had all gotten up early and had breakfast (including tomatoes from that guy's booth), killed some time, and then went to farmer's market to get tickets for a show.  I was trying as hard as I could not to act suspiciously.  We paid for the tickets with eggs.  And then this guy broadcast to the radio and to farmer's market about this girl he loved and made a big scene about it, all while Ray was sitting right there.  I was mortified.  But Ray didn't pick up on it that he was talking about me.  At that point, I decided that I didn't like that guy anymore, and I was going to try to fix him up with Jessica, because she would love that stuff.

Then I went over to Showplace, which in real life is a huge movie theater with 16 or so screens, stadium seating, etc.  In my dream, they had kept the theaters and built a huge multilevel mall over it.  I entered on the top floor, and was heading down the escalator towards a gourmet chocolate shop, when I woke up.
Yesterday was the rather stressful day at work that I was expecting, but with skipping lunch and staying until 6, I got a lot of the stressful stuff done.  I think Loyce also realized that I needed help, and she helped me out a little.  That improved my mood too.

So when I came home, I still drank a bottle of wine.  I'm glad I did, I felt better.  And I didn't have stressful dreams (well, not as stressful), and I'm quite chipper this morning.  Brian also woke up before me this morning, and just made me coffee!  Signs that today is going to be a good day.

Childhood Dreams

I had a restless sleep last night, mainly because of my dreams. 
The first one was a normal dream and not too bad.  I dreamed about cleaning out grandma's house.  I was working on one room while my mom and Ray were working on another.  When I got mine done, they were no where close to getting theirs done.  I made me mad, because I didn't want to stay any longer.  I decided to go to the store, but the street was too busy, I was having a hard time getting across.  There was this annoying guy who was standing in front of a bus so the bus couldn't move, which was blocking my way.  Then the guy let the bus go and crossed to my side of the street, and I saw that it was my cousin Bryan.  We walked back to the house together, and all of us talked about what to do next.

After that, I had work dreams.  I dreamed of designing a business card, and of all the stuff that I have to get done today.  I'll be stressed enough about that at work that I don't want to dream about it too.
Yesterday, I was thinking about memory and dreams.  Particularly because I had a dream the night before, and remembered it when I got up, but lost it before I could write it down.  And then I debated chicken/egg style: did I start dreaming so much because I became interested in dreams, or did I become interested in dreams because I dreamed so much.

I think it's because I dreamed so much.  I still remember a dream from when I was 5 or 6 years old. 
It took place at Grandma Stroup's (everything comes full circle, doesn't it?).  I was half human half cat, and playing in the living room.  The lazyboy came alive and started chasing me with scissors and a comb.  I ran up the stairs thinking it couldn't follow, but it caught me when I had almost reached the top. 

I blacked out, and woke up with my mom's boyfriend (or could've been ex-boyfriend at the time), Rob, and a female friend of his.  She had done my hair Shirley Temple style, and I hated it.  But I told them I liked it.  Then we went bowling outside with Rob and another friend.
I think it's interesting that I remember this particular dream, and why I remember it.  First, I hated Rob.  I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back I know he did drugs, and had anger management issues.  I remember one time when my mom wasn't around, he took me to his friend's house who lived in a trailer, and they all passed these "scissors" around.  Now I realize that those scissors were.  Also, we moved in with him for a while, and when we left, we left fast.  I don't know the story why, but I'm guessing if I knew, it would substantiate why I didn't like Rob.  And well, he was my mom's first boyfriend after my parents got divorced, but i was still pretty young and didn't really understand what that meant.

I also had long hair at the time, and didn't want to cut it, and didn't want it to look like Shirley Temple's, obviously.  So, this was a pretty bad dream for me at the time, and it stuck with me for a while.  In school, the teacher gave us a project to draw our worst dream, and then shut it up in these paper doors, which would lock it away forever.  Sure it did, it locked it away in my mind forever.